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Byrd Shelix Head for DeWalt DW735 Planer OEM Diameter W/Bearings


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Byrd Shelix Head for DeWalt DW735 Planer OEM Diameter W/Bearings
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This version of the DeWalt DW735 Byrd Shelix cutterhead is machined to match the OEM diameter of the factory head.  Due to the extra diameter and limitatins in the hole size in the machine, the inserts will have to be removed from the head and installed after it goes in the machine. Byrd tests every head so they have to install the inserts and ship the heads that way even though they need to come off before installing in the machine.

There will be instructions in each box on how to do that and the proper torque setting.  You will need an inch pounds 1/4" drive torque wrench that can be set to about 45 inch pounds.  The accuracy and quality of the torque wrench is not that important, the consistency is.

Click to download installation instructions

Please note that on this version the cutters have to be removed before installing, that step is not outined in the instructions.

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Reviewed by Brian
on Mar 25, 2023
It's pretty much a universally accepted belief that DeWalt planer blades for the DW735 are awful after the first few board feet of lumber pass under them. When brand new, they produce beautiful surfaces, but it doesn't last for long. After buying and changing many sets of blades for two years, I decided to "upgrade" to a Byrd Shelix cutter (OEM size). I have a Powermatic jointer with a segmented cutter, and It does a great job, so it seemed appropriate to expect similar performance from the Byrd cutter head in the DW735.
About four weeks after the order was placed, the cutter arrived. It came out of the box with rust spots on the body. The carbide cutters had to be removed for the installation, but none of them would budge. The cutter head had to be put in a fridge overnight before the screws could be loosened with a ratchet. The included driver just didn't provide enough leverage.
The installation was straightforward thanks to detailed instructions available online instructions. The carbide cutters were fastened in place in exactly the same place they had originally been using a calibrated torque wrench. The first pass of lumber revealed a very noticeable ridge in the board. After some examination, I discovered that the screw hole for the offending carbide chip was not tapped quite deep enough. This corrected, the line disappeared.
The Bryd cutter is now producing boards with light tear-out and a surface that does not compare favorably to a sharp set of DeWalt steel blades. It leaves very fine tracks in the wood surface. These can easily be sanded out.
I will leave the Byrd cutter in the planer for now to figure out if I want freedom from endless blade changes or a better surface. If I hadn't already spent the money for the Byrd, and knowing what I know now, I'd have stuck with the original DeWalt cutter and kept a healthy supply of blades on hand.
Reviewed by Johnny
on Mar 25, 2023
Byrd Shelix head for Dewalt
I purchased this item for my DeWalt 735. I watched a couple of you tube installation videos and I had no problems with the install. Since the head is a OEM size model, I had to remove all the cutters to do the install. The only problem that I had was lines in my wood that was caused by cutters that did not seat properly. I highlighted the lines on the wood, opened the cutter area, raised the planner and pushed the board back under the head. By manually rotating the head, I easily found the problem cutters and reseated them. I put the planner back together and ran the test again. No more lines.

I would recommend this upgrade for anyone that planes reclaimed lumber and is tired of changing blades because a knot came loose and ruined your blades.