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Whiteside Rail and Stile Router Bits and Sets

Rail and stile router bits and sets are specialized cutting tools used in woodworking to create the joinery for cabinet doors, frame-and-panel constructions, and other similar projects. They are designed to cut the profiles necessary for the rails (horizontal pieces) and stiles (vertical pieces) of the frame.

Rail and stile router bits are usually sold in matched sets, which include a router bit for the rail and a separate bit for the stile. These sets are specifically engineered to create a precise and seamless fit between the rail and stile, ensuring tight and strong joinery.

The rail router bit is designed to cut a profile on the end grain of the rail, typically creating a tenon or tongue shape that will fit into the corresponding groove in the stile. This profile allows the rail to securely join with the stile.

The stile router bit, on the other hand, is designed to cut a matching groove on the inside face of the stile, providing a channel for the rail to fit into. The stile router bit may also include a profile on the outer edge, allowing for decorative or functional features such as a bevel or panel-raising profile.