Festool Domino Bits

You could pay higher Festool prices when replacing your Domino Cutters, but why? We offer CMT cutters made in Europe that fit the Festool Domino just as well as original factory bits, but at a much lower cost. Yet the lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality as the CMT brand Domino Bits provide a high quality cut and a long cutter life carbide tip.

Take a moment and scan the bit list below to find your best replacement.

To be used on "Domino®" machines for routing slots on solid wood and wood composites.

Product ID: 380.040.11
Product ID: 380.050.11
Product ID: 380.060.11
Product ID: 380.080.11
Product ID: 380.081.11
Product ID: 380.100.11
Product ID: 380.101.11
Product ID: 380.121.11
Product ID: 380.141.11