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Whiteside Whiteside Helix Mortise Arbor And Cutters

Mortise cutters and arbors are specialized tools used in woodworking to create mortises, which are rectangular or square slots or recesses in a piece of wood. Mortise cutters are designed to cut the sides of the mortise, while arbors are used to hold and guide the cutter during the routing process.

This two piece system allows for quick change of the cutter head without remocing the arbor and having to reset the depth.  For lower volume users and one time time use check out our mortising router bits.

Mortise cutters are available in various sizes and configurations to match different mortise dimensions and requirements.

Arbors are the tool holders used to secure the mortise cutter in the router. They typically consist of a cylindrical shank with a collet or chuck mechanism to hold the cutter securely in place. The arbor is inserted into the router's collet or chuck, and the cutter is tightened onto the arbor.