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Whiteside Plunging Round Over

A plunge cut round-over router bit is a type of router bit that is designed to create a rounded edge on a workpiece. It is used with a router to shape and finish the edges of materials such as wood, plastic, or even some metals. Plunge Roundovers can cut a flat bottom while providing that traditional roundover edge. These bits can also be used to cut out your project, leaving only the traditional roundover edge on the side of your workpiece.

The "plunge cut" feature refers to the ability of the router bit to make a plunge cut into the material, allowing you to start the cut in the middle of the workpiece instead of just at the edge. This is useful when you need to create rounded edges on the interior of a piece rather than just along the perimeter.

To use a plunge cut round-over router bit, you typically need a plunge router.