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Whiteside Drawer Slot Cutters and Arbors

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Drawer slot cutters and arbors are tools used in woodworking to create slots or grooves in drawer sides or cabinet components for the installation of drawer bottoms or dividers. They are commonly used in cabinet making and furniture construction.

Drawer slot cutters are specialized router bits that are designed to cut precise slots or grooves of a specific width and depth. These slots are typically used to accommodate the bottom panels or dividers in drawers. The width and depth of the slot cutter can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Arbors, on the other hand, are the components that hold the slot cutter in place and allow it to be mounted on a router. The arbor typically consists of a shank that fits into the collet of the router and a threaded portion that secures the slot cutter in position.

When using a drawer slot cutter and arbor, the cutter is attached to the arbor and mounted in the router. The depth of cut is adjusted based on the desired depth of the slot or groove. The router is then guided along the drawer side or cabinet component to create the slot.