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Torque Wrench for Byrd Shelix Heads Set to 45 Inch Pounds


Price: $39.95
Product ID : 23-500
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Torque Wrench for Byrd Shelix Heads Set to 45 Inch Pounds
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The 4-sided carbide inserts that come with the Byrd Shelix heads are torqued at the factory to a consistent setting to maintain consistency from cutter to cutter.  Sometimes you can get away with hand tightening if you only need to change or rotate one or two but for a full set it is recommended that they be torqued to a range of 45 inch pounds.

Our torque wrench works with 1/4" drive torx plus bit that was supplied with your head and is pre-calibrated to 45 inch pounds using a very accurate torque analyzer.

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Reviewed by Johnny
on May 16, 2021
Torque Wrench problem
The torque wrench worked good but only after I got a ¼” drive extension. You do not have enough room to torque the screws for the Byrd Shelix head cutters in the DeWalt 735 planner without the extension. You need one that is at least 8” long. This needs to be mentioned when you purchase the torque wrench.