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CMT 8" 24T Precision Dado Saw Blade Set 5/8" Bore



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CMT 8" 24T Precision Dado Saw Blade Set 5/8" Bore
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CMT’s Precision Dado Sets are designed to set a new standard in performance, and they’re now available in 6” or 8” diameter. The new 6” dado is perfect for smaller or somewhat underpowered table saws, like the typical 10” contractor saw. Both of these great tools offer features that make them ideal for any cabinetshop, including:
- Anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material.
- Splinter-resistant cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and soft + hardwoods.
- Four-tooth chippers that keep the cut flat & virtually free from tear out.
- 3/32” chipper made especially for undersized plywood.
- Shim sets included for cuts between 1/4” and 29/32”.

Safety Precautions: always use both outside blades.
(Carbide teeth should never come into contact with each other).

For the best info, visit the page from the factory catalog via the link below.

Catalog Page

Diameter = 8"
Teeth = 24 (inner and outer blades only)
Bore = 5/8"
Chippers = 4x1/8", 1x3/32", 1x1/16" (all 4 tooth)
Shims = 4x0.004", 2x0.008", 2x0.012", 2x0.020"
Grind = FTG+ATB
Kerf = .125" (inner and outer blades only)
Hook Angle = -5 degrees

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