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NOTE: heads are stock to up to 12 weeks for custom orders and certain models. If you would like to check, please send an email to sales@holbren.com

Byrd Shelix

A carbide insert Byrd Shelix spiral head for your jointer or planer is the single best upgrade you can make those either of those machines. Originally made popular because of tearout free cuts in figured woods, customers have come to appreciate the other benefits as well.

The four side cutters outlast conventional steel knives by a substantial margin. While the improvement depends on the steel knives you are using, all we can do is quote a couple customers.

The first customer claimed one side of each of our four sided carbide cutters outlasted his steel knives by a margin of 14:1, that's 56 sets of knives for every set of our carbide inserts.

Another customer told us he runs about 2,000 board feet a month through his planer and still hasn't rotated the cutters yet and there are four sides!

- Other side benefits include improved dust collection because you're taking smaller bites and not machining long strands.

- Reduction in noise reported to be up to 50% improvement

- No more dealing with the painful task of setting conventional straight knives again

These heads do such an incredible job that we've never taken one back due to performance and many customers start with their jointer because of the lower entry cost only to come back a week or two later and order one for their planer.

Join the Byrd Shelix revolution today, you will not be dissapointed!

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